Tuesday, 17 November 2020

A2s submitting work for Formal Assessment

Ensure that you have the following documented in your sketchbook:

Zine Project:

Zine planning, layout/sequencing ideas, screenshots, contact sheet, completed zine and evaluation

Shoots 1 and 2:

Planning page, annotated contact sheet, edits introduction explaining links to theme, artist and how you have edited, 6-8 photo quality prints with wallet sized originals, manual manipulations/extra A4 technical edits (include screenshots to show technical processes) and evaluation

Development set planning:

Review and adapt paperwork and moodboard showing ideas visually

Remember the more thorough your work is for each of these sections, the better your grade will be. 

Friday, 25 September 2020

Completed Zine section

 Make sure you take time to fully complete your Zine section - this will be the start of your A2 work so start as you mean to go on!


Zine Planning - annotated hand out, own secondary images x 3 annotated, notes from video

Flow Sequence Planning - thumbnails using ideas directly from research/inspiration imagery

Contact sheet - annotate to show ideas/choices

Screenshots - explain each adding text, adding colour blocks, creating a frame, scaling your image

Plastic pocket - any practice zines/annotated, final colour zine

Evaluation - use questions (in A2 documents folder on blog)