Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Have a great Christmas.

Rest, eat mince pies and watch festive films but don't forget to get those sketch books completed for when you get back.
I hope you've been on the good list this year and have a great holiday.
See you when you get back on Thursday 5th January.
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Logo competition.

After our discussion about the logo competition please find the brief if you want to look at this again. I would go for more neutral and cool colours as their website is full of these especially blue/green.
Deadline to e-mail these to me is January 5th so I can collate and get these submitted by 6th January.
Don't forget the winner receives £200.
E-mail susanna.smith@asfc.ac.uk

Dear Students ,
Thank you for participating in this end of year challenge !  I have chosen you because I know ASFC, I know the staff in the art department and I know what a talented group of individuals you are.
I have just taken over as Director of Development of the IOA and have to have a UK entry for a new logo meeting we are holding in January. We are giving the organisation a face lift and making it more relevant. I have attached a brief outlining this with a makeshift logo I concocted with no artistic flair or proper thought so please ignore it !!  The current logo is at the top of this page and I hate it . It is very outdated and too fussy and quite frankly, uninspiring to anyone wanting to join the organisation.
The prize for winning  and being the UK entry is £200.
If your design is then chosen by the international panel we will go on and use it in our communications ( presentations, website, business cards etc ) . We will also feature you as the international winning logo creator in a piece for the online newsletter or website for the world to see. This will look great on any Uni or job applications !!
The closing date for entries is January 6th and I will let the lucky person know before the end of  January.  If there is only one of you who enters but I don’t think it is up to scratch to put before the panel then I reserve the right to not choose that one entry so please take your entry seriously,  look at all the key points mentioned in the briefing note , put down the mince pies and egg-nog and design something fantastic.
Many thanks for participating.
Happy Holidays !

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Fantastic photography competition.

Great competition requires you to enter your amazing photographs.
Deadline is January 6th 2017 and you can check out the winners from last time using the link.
Get snapping!

Our annual photography competition is now open for entries
View this email in your browser
Good morning Jo,

Our annual FE Week and Me photography competition is back and once again FE Week has teamed up with NCFE to hunt for stunning pictures that depict learning in the FE and skills sector, through the eyes of students.
In 2016,  after over 700 submissions, FE Week and competition sponsors NCFE, whittled down the photography students’ entries to the competition down to 10 finalists. 
Coleg Cambria student Libby Gillard was the winner of the photography student category in 2016.  
Mid-Kent College learner Bailey McElligott was the winner of the non-photography student category. 
You can view last year’s finalists by downloading our finalists PDF – click here
This year there are two categories of entry: photography student and non-photography student.
This year’s prizes will consist of:
Category – Photography student – Nikon D5500  and work shadowing placement with a professional photographer.
Category – Non-photography student – Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60
The deadline for the annual FE Week and Me student photography competition, in partnership with NCFE  is Jan 6, 2017 at 17:00.

How to enter...

Brief: entrant’s photos need to portray learning in the FE and skills sector, through the eyes of students.. Photos can be taken on any type of digital photography kit. It is as simple as that!
To enter the competition students need to email their entry along with no more than a 100 word description of their photo and why they’ve chosen this shot to feweekandme@feweek.co.uk no later than January 6, 2017. Entries received later than this date will not be reviewed or considered for short listing.
Entrants need to provide the following information  when submitting their photo. Any entries with missing details will not be considered.

Category entering: photography student or non-photography student
Course details
Name of College or Learning provider
Email address
Mobile telephone number
Photo description (100 words max.)
Shortlisted entries will be announced on January 20 2017.
Online voting will commence on January 20 2017 - photography student category.  
Voting will close at 17:00 on February 1 2017.
The winner will be announced on February 3 2017

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Calling all students.

Calling all of last years ASFC Photography students.
All of last years fantastic work needs collecting asap.
We really need to clear the remaining work out of the store room.

All AS work left will be disposed of this Friday and any A2 work will be disposed of on 12th December.

If you want to collect work begore then please contact Dan Riley the teachnician to arrange on dpr@asfc.ac.uk

Monday, 31 October 2016

Blackpool trip.

As I am in Blackpool on a trip with Art Foundation, you will need to work independently for lessons where I normally teach you.
Please complete the following.
The Photography room will be open for you to use the computers and if you need anything or to use the studio please see Dan Riley (technician).

Monday, 17 October 2016

A2 Presentations for this week.

.Lens, shutter, zoom video presentation.
Find examples off the internet and explain technique and settings.
Complete a daytime example and ensure you get a night time shot before you hand in your technical sketchbook.
Image result for jakob wagner photography

This is an example of Zoom lens blur by the photographer Jacob Wagner, Add some information about how he uses this technique in his work.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

A2 Technique video-Double exposure.

Find the link to this weeks technique below.
Double exposure link.

Image result for double exposure
Add screen shots and an explanation of the technique to your technical sketchbook and do one sample applying this technique to your photograph.
This should be in your technical sketchbook for next week.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Don't forget to get your entries in to me before Thursday lunchtime.

This is a great competition, just a reminder of the requirements. It could also be a photograph you have learned to take at college and you all have some amazing photography.
You can also enter 2, why not?
I'm looking forward to seeing your entries.

AoC Student Photographer of the Year Competition 2016

Winner of 2015 competition, Alice Armfield, Isle of Wight College
Do you have a keen eye for photography?  If so, then enter AoC’s Student Photographer of the Year competition.
This year’s theme is ‘How colleges change lives’.
Show how much this means to you so we can see your expression and emotion in the photograph.  Do this through your use of composition, techniques, light and colour, direction of light, depth of field or leading lines.
The competition is open to all AoC member college photography students.
The prizes to be won this year are:
1st Prize – SLR camera
2nd Prize - £200
3rd Prize - £100

Closing date:  EXTENDED to Friday 14 October 2016
Finalists will be notified shortly after the closing date
The competition will be judged by Michael Pritchard, Director General of Royal Photographic Society. He will pick the winner and two runners up. The finalists will be chosen based on the level of creativity and the ability to demonstrate this year's theme.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sunday, 2 October 2016

ASFC photography Instagram.

If you haven't already, find us on Instagram with photo and video updates.
Ready for our first student take over next week.
Have a great sunny day!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Check out our video...

Our day at The Imperial war museum and Lowry art gallery.

Great start to 2016-17 in Photography.

After a busy start to the year A1 students have started to settle in well and friendships are being forged producing studio shots in the style of Richard Avedon.

Whilst it's refreshing to see A2 photography students come back with enthusiasm, motivation and a real dedication to succeed this year.

Mentoring began this week (photographs of A2 mentors to follow) and extra support sessions are being attended regularly by A2 and some enthusiastic A1 students.
Keep it up guys! 

Must see exhibition at The Lowry art gallery.

A fantastic exhibition is currently at The Lowry combining art and science.

Project Nimbus is a collaboration between artists, scientists & makers.
Dave Lynch takes art and science to create some exquisite individual pieces. 

Primarily a neuroscientist he takes inspiration from how the brain works. 
Very interested in movement he has taken inspiration from great artists of the past such as Muybridge, who also had a scientific approach to his work.

We especially enjoyed The frozen music collection, using viewers brainwaves to create the piece itself.
The exhibition also explores digital art as a medium. Capturing digital moving image to record the changes in light waves using glass as a magnifier.

And of course we visited The Lowry exhibition highlighting his life and work. 

Although we really did get inspiration from Dave Lynch.
Here are a few photographs of what our brain waves looked like.

The exhibition is at The Lowry all month and Dave Lynch is working in the exhibition space if you have any questions. We really found out what inspired him and his extraordinary work. 

A little trip on a sunny day.

An interesting day was had by all today at The Imperial War museum. We certainly learned a lot, Saw a fantastic video projected on the walls using all gallery archived photographs and sound clips.

We spent time learning about the past and adding more context to our art work.

There was a great little exhibition of photography called War story taken by photographers
Richard Ash and Damon Cleary. 

The photographs are excellently lit with some high key studio lighting and show some real life army solders who served in Afghanistan.

Definitely a must see!

We also looked at some propaganda artwork and graphic posters alongside some war time inspired artwork.

And some limo cut prints on paper inspired by the aftermath of world war 2 by Helmuth Weissemborn.

A glimpse of the past to inspire art work of the future.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

A great week to be a photography student.

This week A1 learned what makes a great photograph and A2 learnt all about independence.

I am impressed with the amount of students doing extra support this week, A1 and A2.
Hard work gets rewards....
Don't forget deadline for research A2 is next week.
I can already predict those students who are aiming for A*'s based on the amount of extra support being attended. 
We are aiming for a record year....it's your chance to make a difference.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

What have you photographed this summer?

What has inspired you this summer?
Do you have a favourite photograph?
Why don't you upload one with your name and the location/person/event you photographed?

Roll on teaching........

So after a long summer break, I hope that you are feeling inspired and ready to create some magic!

After our amazing photography results last year, you all have a lot to live up to but I am confident this year will be fantastic. 

The room is ready, I'm inspired and looking forward to this jam packed year.

Look up at the Stars and not down at your feet. Prepare to push the boundaries, broaden your horizons, make mistakes and expand your skill set.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Summer task.

Don't forget to complete your research tasks next week.
The Photography trip to MMU is on Wednesday-meeting at 2pm on Cavendish Road (Outside the Grovsner building) and Huddersfield trip is On Thursday, meeting outside the art block at 9am.

If you loose your summer task sheet, the work is outlined below.

What is Photography?   
Photography-“The art or practice of taking and processing photographs.” (Oxford English dictionary)
·         “On a deeper level photography helps me see the beauty in the world. I feel awe when I see other people’s beautiful photos. It creates an awareness of just how big, diverse and beautiful our planet is. It inspires me by giving me ideas about places I’d like to travel to in the future, or photos that I’d like to take for myself. Someone suggested to me once that photographers, as artists, are privileged to be able to see and record some of the beauty in the world.”-Andrew Gibson.

·         “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”- Aaron Siskind
 What is Photography?
Task 1.
To help you understand, produce a mind map and mood board with images, quotes, explanations and text to show different types/subjects of photography and what this means to you.
Include techniques to also such as Lomography, Macro/reflective, Scanography, motion blur etc.          
Task 2. Research MMU degree show and 1 other primary research visit and record in sketchbook. Write which work you like and links to your theme. Don’t forget to photograph work and write down names.  Research week-20-24th June 2016.
Task 3.
Narrow down your theme idea and Mind map and mood board what your theme is (A3 page each).
Include dictionary definition of theme.
Find 2 photographers to research based around your theme. Research including 6-8 with bullet points and 2 in detail. Also, add the similarities and differences between the 2 in detail as an extra section for A2.

Summer task is to take a set (100+) of photographs for both Photographers.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A-level art exhibition invitation..

You are all invited to the art exhibition evening on 27th June.
You will see work from all art specialisms including- Photography, Graphics, Fine art, 3D Design and Fashion and Textiles alongside the Art Foundation course.
Open from 5pm-7pm....bring the family.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

AS I've missed you!

Whilst you've been revising hard and sitting exams. Your A1 ASFC Photography work has been marked, IVed and mounted for moderation. 
We've all been very busy! 

I don't know about you, but I have missed all your smiling faces. I hope that you guys are all ready to start your A2 year and get back out there taking some great photographs!
Congratulations on all passing AS and now the real work begins.....You all need to start thinking about your independent themes for your unit 3 brief.

Some great past project themes have been quite varied with topics such as Fashion & portraiture, surreal landscape, documentary, fairy tales & folkelaws,
Multiple exposure and lomography.
The options are endless.....only hindered by your imagination!

If you missed the task I set, see the last blog post and try and get a head start.

Get thinking and look forward to seeing you all on Monday.
Have a great weekend.
See you soon

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Well done for passing your A1 year, you have produced some amazing work this year and I am hoping you are getting ready for the next phase of your transition into A2 and thinking about a theme.
To help you with this I have set you a photography task to be researching before you come back after study leave.

The theme for the rest of this year is documentary.
Take a quick look at your independent task below to get you started.
Enjoy and see you all soon A2!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Happy holidays!

We are all working hard on missed work and improving grades today. There's still room if you want to boost your grades.
We are here until 3.45pm.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Friday, 11 March 2016

Ben Rivers Photography exhibition.

Ben Rivers

Ben Rivers presents his most ambitious work to date.
Migrating between documentary, fantasy and fable, and shot against the dramatic Moroccan landscape, the films are a compelling adaptation of A Distant Episode, Paul Bowles’ savage and brutal short story of a man traveling through the desert. Filmed in hand-processed 16mm cinemascope, the stories of Paul Bowles and his muse, the renowned Moroccan writer and artist Mohammed Mrabet, are combined with observational footage shot across Morocco.
Originally shown at Television Centre in London, Rivers’ has used materials sourced from old film sets to create viewing spaces within the gallery, and inserted works into collection displays, creating a new dialogue with the spaces and collections at the Whitworth.
The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers is a co-commission with Artangel and uses footage generated on the production of Las Mimosas, a film by Oliver Laxe, produced by Zeitun Films, Rouge International and LaProd and footage generated on the production of Towards the Possible Film by Shezad Dawood, a work commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Delfina Foundation. Film and Video Umbrella is supported by Arts Council England. 

25 February - 22 May 2016

Images: The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers (2015) 16mm film and video installation, five parts, various durations looped; and mixed media. Commissioned by Artangel, The Whitworth, Manchester, and the BFI’s Film Fund, with the support of Arts Council England. Image courtesy of Yuki Yamamoto and Kate MacGarry, London.

Whilst you are there, look out for the Nico Vascellari light exhibition in the landscape gallery,

Image result for nico vascellari artist
As winter draws to a close and greenery once again takes hold, Italian artist Nico Vascellari occupies the Whitworth’s Landscape Gallery.