Friday, 12 February 2016

Free pinhole camera workshop.

Free pinhole camera workshop this holiday.

Ever wondered how to make a camera using these?
Wonder no more, sign up for a free workshop in Manchester City centre.
See details below.....

Pinhole Camera Craft: Wednesday 17 February, People's History Museum

  1. Additional information

    Be inspired by our new changing exhibition Grafters and create your own pinhole camera to snap your friends and family! Why not tweet a photo of your finished camera to us @PHMLearn. Family Friendly activity, suitable for over 5s to adults.

  2. Day and Date

    Wednesday 17 February

  3. Venue

    People's History Museum

  4. Address

    Left Bank, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3ER

  5. Start time


  6. Finish time


  7. Min age


  8. Max age


  9. Cost

    In order to keep our events programme affordable to everyone, please make a donation. Suggested donation

  10. Disabled access


  11. Activity provider

    People's History Museum

  12. Website

A2 half term homework.

Research and take set 2.
Using your chosen theme, you need to find and research your next photographer.

You can use the photographer resource under the resource tab or look at, › index_3
For inspiration.

If you need to book the studio to take your set before your first lesson back, go and book with Dan or email him to check when it's free.

If you are going away, take photographs of everything you see around you, could you link the trip to your theme? If not now, maybe later.
Have a great break and enjoy taking your photographs. If you need any help, email and I will get back to

Looking forward to seeing you all when we get back.

Half term A1 homework.

A1 homework.

Consider what has worked well so far and create a development set using these ideas.

What is a development set, I hear you ask?

 A development set is a set inspired by one of your initial sets so far.
There are 2 ways of achieving a great development set.
You would choose the way most appropriate to develop your set.

Either.........change or improve an element of 1 set-
So, if you really like your set 1 (if it's architecture for example) you could re-take this set in a different location or at a different time of day on the same place using the same ideas and techniques you tried in set 1.
Initial set at night.....development set in day.

It could be as simple as completing a colour set and then a monochrome set.

Set 1-colour in studio.
Development set-monochrome in studio.

If it was a studio set you could retake with a different background or different lighting, trying to improve and 'develop' it. could combine elements which work from both sets and develop in your own way. E.g. You may like the location of set one and the colour and techniques used in set 2-So, you would combine these into a 'development' set.

It always helps to look at what you have written works well and needs improving in your evaluation.

If anyone doesn't understand email me,

Have a good holiday and looking forward to seeing everyone when we get back.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Friday 5th February.

Today A1 and A2 classes with Susanna need to work independently today.

E group needs to complete their planning page for 2nd photographer and sets need to be taken for Monday.

B group need to complete 1st Photographer research and complete this for next Tuesday's lesson.
All OREO analysis and visual elements cheat sheets are under resources at the top of the blog if you need them.

Lessons as normal on Monday.
See you then.

Monday, 1 February 2016

A2 Exam papers.

If you don't have a lesson until tomorrow and wanted to have a sneaky peak at your exam paper,
You can now collect it from me in the photography room.

I have also updated the photography resources with lots of fantastic photographers.
Don't forgot you can check out the boards on Pinterest for starting points.
Have fun!

For photographers and ideas, check out the link below.