Friday, 17 June 2016

Summer task.

Don't forget to complete your research tasks next week.
The Photography trip to MMU is on Wednesday-meeting at 2pm on Cavendish Road (Outside the Grovsner building) and Huddersfield trip is On Thursday, meeting outside the art block at 9am.

If you loose your summer task sheet, the work is outlined below.

What is Photography?   
Photography-“The art or practice of taking and processing photographs.” (Oxford English dictionary)
·         “On a deeper level photography helps me see the beauty in the world. I feel awe when I see other people’s beautiful photos. It creates an awareness of just how big, diverse and beautiful our planet is. It inspires me by giving me ideas about places I’d like to travel to in the future, or photos that I’d like to take for myself. Someone suggested to me once that photographers, as artists, are privileged to be able to see and record some of the beauty in the world.”-Andrew Gibson.

·         “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”- Aaron Siskind
 What is Photography?
Task 1.
To help you understand, produce a mind map and mood board with images, quotes, explanations and text to show different types/subjects of photography and what this means to you.
Include techniques to also such as Lomography, Macro/reflective, Scanography, motion blur etc.          
Task 2. Research MMU degree show and 1 other primary research visit and record in sketchbook. Write which work you like and links to your theme. Don’t forget to photograph work and write down names.  Research week-20-24th June 2016.
Task 3.
Narrow down your theme idea and Mind map and mood board what your theme is (A3 page each).
Include dictionary definition of theme.
Find 2 photographers to research based around your theme. Research including 6-8 with bullet points and 2 in detail. Also, add the similarities and differences between the 2 in detail as an extra section for A2.

Summer task is to take a set (100+) of photographs for both Photographers.

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