Thursday, 29 September 2016

A little trip on a sunny day.

An interesting day was had by all today at The Imperial War museum. We certainly learned a lot, Saw a fantastic video projected on the walls using all gallery archived photographs and sound clips.

We spent time learning about the past and adding more context to our art work.

There was a great little exhibition of photography called War story taken by photographers
Richard Ash and Damon Cleary. 

The photographs are excellently lit with some high key studio lighting and show some real life army solders who served in Afghanistan.

Definitely a must see!

We also looked at some propaganda artwork and graphic posters alongside some war time inspired artwork.

And some limo cut prints on paper inspired by the aftermath of world war 2 by Helmuth Weissemborn.

A glimpse of the past to inspire art work of the future.

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