Thursday, 29 September 2016

Must see exhibition at The Lowry art gallery.

A fantastic exhibition is currently at The Lowry combining art and science.

Project Nimbus is a collaboration between artists, scientists & makers.
Dave Lynch takes art and science to create some exquisite individual pieces. 

Primarily a neuroscientist he takes inspiration from how the brain works. 
Very interested in movement he has taken inspiration from great artists of the past such as Muybridge, who also had a scientific approach to his work.

We especially enjoyed The frozen music collection, using viewers brainwaves to create the piece itself.
The exhibition also explores digital art as a medium. Capturing digital moving image to record the changes in light waves using glass as a magnifier.

And of course we visited The Lowry exhibition highlighting his life and work. 

Although we really did get inspiration from Dave Lynch.
Here are a few photographs of what our brain waves looked like.

The exhibition is at The Lowry all month and Dave Lynch is working in the exhibition space if you have any questions. We really found out what inspired him and his extraordinary work. 

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