Friday, 24 March 2017

Final piece prep is well under way.

So, with deadline looming there is lots of amazing practice pieces being created......

Some A2 spherical panoramas of monochrome architecture.

Some great sketch book pages by Izzie Ball looking at objects to show evidence of human presence and the significance of sentimental items collected.

Ever walked past a lamp post and noticed the mini pieces of art on them? Remi Ballagher AS has been looking at our surrounding landscape to record Graffitti, abandoned buildings and modern day ghost signs.

Chloe Heeley A2 has been looking at object destruction for the exam question 'Challenging the Ordinary' moving into the sub-theme of  how human emotion causes destruction to things/people around them.

Beth Jones and Ruth Roberts have both been photography nature to create a range of floral tributes and surrealist pattern.
Keep up the great work guys-deadline is getting close.

Check out more examples of what we have been up to this week on the Instagram account, asfcphotography.


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