Thursday, 30 March 2017

Reflect, Direct, Refine.

Reflect, direct, Refine-Next steps.

Find the next steps sheet to reflect, direct and refine-follow link.
Reflect, Direct, Refine template.

Complete this instead of an evaluation for your mock set.
You will then need to complete the following planning page for final piece.
REMEMBER the more you develop and progress, the more marks your will achieve,
Think of it in terms of sandwiches.....

The more variety of fillings in your sandwich, the more marks you will get.

Image result for scooby sandwich
Happy snacking! 
EASTER HOMEWORK-AS need to complete the planning page for final piece and ensure that Final piece photographs have been taken for your exam the first lesson back after half term.

(This is an electronic copy, if you'd prefer to hand write this, use the sections for reference).

Have a great holiday.
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