Monday, 29 January 2018

AS visual diaries research

Please print this research page off and annotate with information about which diaries you like and why.
Also, add info about which you don't like as much.
Are they clear or too busy? Do you like the aesthetic or not-why?
Which reflects your style the most? Do you prefer the monochrome photographs or the coloured photo diaries??? Why?

Print off the research using the following link and annotate around the side on your sketchbook page.

Research page-visual diary.

A2 Learner statement template.

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You made it....A2 deadline for all finals mounted and completed learner statements.

Fill in the learner statement template and mount finals in lesson today before handing these in.
Section 1.
Initial theme and main idea, where did this come from?
Section 2.
Which Photographers did you look at and which techniques did you plan to develop. How did this develop into your sub-theme?
Section 3.
Add the deeper meanings and context to your work, why did it develop into this subtheme and what did you want to show with your final piece?
Section 4.
Reflect on your sub-theme set, mock set and any changes to your final piece, explain your Photoshop piece and manual separately and add your 3 improvements (you can insert sections out of your evaluation here).

Use the following link for the template, fill and print off to staple on the first page of your sketchbook.

Learner statement template.

Monday, 22 January 2018

A2 Mock week.

As you are on study leave this week for your mocks, you will be completing your mock exam evaluation and mounting your work in your sketchbook to complete your Photography exam time (see sheet below).

You should be attending your double lessons to complete this but if they clash with another exam, come and discuss an appropriate time with me to finish your photography mock exam/final piece.

If you wanted to complete some of this at home, you can do.

Remember-Final deadline for Photo quality 10x8 and your A3 sketchbook with evaluations is 29/1/18.
Good luck completing and if you need any help, email me

Friday, 19 January 2018

A2 deadlines.

Some excellent final piece work is currently being produced for the mock exam. This week we are focusing on manual manipulation photography. We have year 13 students focusing on,

Stitching in photographs....
producing 3d sculptures using photographs.......
Drawing into photographs.....
Stenciling and paint.......
and producing 3d mixed media pieces, along with a whole array of other work.
Keep up the great work for final piece deadline at the end of the day, we will mount these up on 29/1/2018 with your Photo quality edits from last weeks mock exam time.

Don't forget your other deadlines,
-I still have some A4 technical sketch books missing, deadline was 10/1/18.
-Statement of Intent deadline was 12/1/18, these should now be stapled into the front of your sketchbooks
-Last and final deadline for A3 sketchbooks is 29/1/2018 (Those of you who have extra time in exams will have until 31/1/2018 to complete your final evaluations-if needed).

Well done, keep up the good are nearly there.

AS deadlines.

Image result for piles of sketchbooks

Well done to the first AS class to hand in yesterday with some fantastic work, you have excelled yourselves.
The remaining groups B and D you will have until the the end of lessons today to complete and hand in sketchbooks.

Have a rest this weekend as you have worked really hard.

Remember, you will need a new sketchbook for next weeks lessons when we will begin your new unit 'Evidence of human presence'.

New project, new sketchbook, new work and new ideas....start as you mean to go year with new ideas-get those thinking caps on!
Image result for photography sketchbook pages            Image result for photography sketchbook pages