Monday, 29 January 2018

A2 Learner statement template.

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You made it....A2 deadline for all finals mounted and completed learner statements.

Fill in the learner statement template and mount finals in lesson today before handing these in.
Section 1.
Initial theme and main idea, where did this come from?
Section 2.
Which Photographers did you look at and which techniques did you plan to develop. How did this develop into your sub-theme?
Section 3.
Add the deeper meanings and context to your work, why did it develop into this subtheme and what did you want to show with your final piece?
Section 4.
Reflect on your sub-theme set, mock set and any changes to your final piece, explain your Photoshop piece and manual separately and add your 3 improvements (you can insert sections out of your evaluation here).

Use the following link for the template, fill and print off to staple on the first page of your sketchbook.

Learner statement template.


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