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Monday, 8 June 2020

Light Project Evaluation and Idea Generation

*Please check your student email for video tutorial and breakdown of this task*

Click on the image below for evaluation prompt questions:

Monday, 1 June 2020

Light Project - Final Week!

*Check your student email for this weeks video tutorial which explains how to conclude your Light Project*

Wednesday, 20 May 2020


Finding it tricky to control all manual settings? Try aperture priority mode, this allows you to choose the aperture/set the desired depth of field and the camera will set the shutter speed to match for ideal exposure.

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Monday, 18 May 2020

CHECKLIST for all remote working this term

This weeks task: Light shoots

*Please check your student email for video tutorial and supporting resources*

Click on image below for key information about what you are being assessed against, how to edit and how to present work in your Google Doc.

Monday, 11 May 2020


*Click above for Erin's powerpoint about light and check your student email for video tutorials*

This week's task is a mindmp and 3 x research pages

Monday, 4 May 2020

A1 to A2 new task this week

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Monday, 27 April 2020

Tuesday, 21 April 2020


A1 to A2 progression - check your college email for a powerpoint and video tutorial for your new three week project. 

Erin has created a Google Doc guide for you to follow - click image below to view.

Monday, 30 March 2020


This is the start of your A2 project, worth 60% of your A Level grade so ensure you complete all tasks to the highest possible standard. (Click image above for the Powerpoint)

End of term task A2.

If you have not done this yet, it is now vital that you do so, as your unit 2  grade will be influenced by this.

This is your last task to complete your coursework and should be sent to by Monday 6th April.
You would usually be doing this task in the run up to your exam to plan your timings and materials.
As you are not sitting your exam, this page is important to show your intentions.
You can do this on a computer of by hand (like the example below).
This can be either a single of double page and include-
  • An introduction to your theme and idea (I have written this in the paragraph) explaining your context/narrative....what will your photographs show the viewer?
  •  an idea and sketch of what you will do for both your Photoshop and manual pieces, with brief bullet points to explain what subject matter is and brief editing ideas.
  • Then, how you would divide up your exam time if you were to sit the exam, showing that you have accounted for the 15 hours. You would do 5 hours per day and you would have mounted and evaluated on day 4.
  •  If you need any help or support with this task, email me what you have and I can help guide and support you through it.
  • Hope you're all well and happy cat!

Friday, 27 March 2020

Important A2 Hand in reminder.

Hi A2’s,

I hope that you’re working your way around remote learning, I know it’s been a vast learning curve for us all.  It’s not easy but hope that you have found creative ways of doing things and thinking more outside the box.

See the source image

I know I for one, have used the time I’d normally spend travelling to work, having valuable discussions with my new teaching assistant.

Although I’m finding that she also likes to share my drinks and sit on my laptop whilst working, in fact she really isn’t very good at her job!

Just a quick update, I hope you’ve been checking the blog.

As art staff need to mark your coursework up until your mock, which should be finished by the end of today.

Please can you photograph your sketchbook over the weekend (you can do double page photos, I can zoom in to read annotation) and your visual diary folded out and either email the photographs if you don’t have computer access, this can be straight from your phone. If you do it through a website called WE Transfer (it can send large size files all in 1 email).


You can save the photographs to Onedrive and then send me the link to this (check your security/privacy settings are set to anyone you send link can access, otherwise it won’t let me view your work).

If there are any problems, please email me before Monday morning. I am not expecting everything printing and photo qualities, so you can send me electronic files for edits and evaluations or you could hand write evaluations. Do what ever you can to complete and anything you can’t (such as manuals) draw a sketch and annotate with what you WOULD have done, if you had the resources at home and I can give you marks for intentions.

REMEMBER, we want the best for you all and this work is important as it will go towards your final grade. Please submit work on time, as I need to mark this too and am doing so in my Easter holiday, so you have an extra weekend to complete work. Do what you can with what you have and that’s all I expect from you all.

Stay safe, work hard and then you will have 1 more task to complete for 24th April (I will post on the blog on Monday) and then you will have completed the course. See you all soon,


Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A2 Photography VERY IMPORTANT.

Hi A2's,
Hope you are all well and managing to focus on completing your work from home.
wk commencing 23/3/20

As your overall grade from this year will come from completed unit 1's and your continuation of unit 2's up until your exam, we need to make sure this is completed and sent to me to mark electronically.
This week you need to complete 8 mock edits (if you can't print off and do manuals). If you can, then 6 edits and 2 manuals.
If you can't do manuals, you could draw a sketch with your evaluation to show what you would have intended to do. ****I had put an quick example sketch on Instagram to help you**** Which will get you extra marks for showing intention.
Image result for double photography ideas sketchbook page
Use your tick sheet and ensure that everything is up to date in your sketchbook and if you can't print, don't worry, just do this electronically.

To ensure I have time to mark all your work, please can you either Photograph as doubles, pages in your sketchbooks and email to me through WE TRANSFER or as one drive link (ensure sets are 'anyone sent link can view', this is under the settings cog at the top right of the page on Onedrive) to my email address
I will then set you one more piece of work to complete on this day, to do your planning for final pieces.

It is vital that you send me all the work you have completed by this date (I would have marked last week, if we were all in college, so you have had extra time to do this due to it and get sketchbook's up to date).
This work is vital as it will all inform your final grade and be sent to the exam board.
You can send me this before hand either electronically if you have digital lay outs for pages or as a photograph taken on camera or phone, so I can zoom in and read annotation....You can take them on your phone and email straight from there, as this shouldn't take long.
(WE TRANSFER should allow you to send larger files in one email, which will make it easier-you can use the app or straight through their website....type in WE TRANSFER to google)


Stay safe and keep working, the more you do the better your grade.
Image result for funny photography catImage result for funny photography cat

Thursday, 19 March 2020


Click the image above for your guide to working at home this week

Using natural lighting to take photographs.

Image result for natural lighting photography work

Just a quick one about lighting.
As A2 you are still having to think about and take your mock set to edit at home and some of you are too ill or in isolation and not able to use the Photographic studio, I have found these lighting tutorials on Youtube which demonstrate how to get studio quality photographs using natural light. There were loads available but I think these ones offer the best range, are most informative and made by the least annoying Youtubers.

Remember if you are struggling you can email me or Daniel Riley for more advice.


Hi all,

Although we do not currently know exactly how the exam board will account for the lack of exam in unit 2, as this is a coursework based subject, it is vitally important that you complete both unit 1 and unit 2 to a high standard as this will potentially be where your grade comes from up until the point of the exam. Therefore, please check the blog for work each week and ensure that you attend your last lesson before the closure tomorrow, if you are able.
You are all well prepared. 
If you don't have the following to continue, I have put in other suggestions for how you might do these. You will need to think more creatively and try new things.

Camera-Use your phone to take photographs,
Photoshop-PIXLR or XGIMP are free photo editing could use phone for this too!
Computer-Email me from your phone and handwrite any sections of work.
Printer-You could see if a neighbour has one or do all your work electronically and hand them in electronically when you send these to be marked or hand in.
Image result for cat working hard

I will update the blog with work and information, so please check this as you will need to complete all work until the point of the exam. If you need any materials please see Erin or Dan today or tomorrow. As it is now urgent to complete your unit 1's (old unit) before the end of Friday to improve your marks before I remark them, please get as much completed as possible.
Image result for camera cat
Don't forget if you need location photography....take it asap and make sure you have everything you need to work from home.

Be safe and work hard,


Tuesday, 17 March 2020

A2 Questions about exam photographs.

Image result for photography presented in boxes

Exam Photography.

Some of you have been asking questions about the photography exam.
As the time plan/tick list says, you are doing the following,
  • This week-Development set and evaluation.
  • Next week-Mock set, practice Photoshop edits and manual edits (what you think you are going to do for your final in exam conditions, to test this works whilst staff can help you and evaluate stating what you will change in your final set to improve).
  • Week before exams start you will do planning page (I will put on blog for you to fill in), test/develop ideas and complete anything in sketchbooks.....This is your last week of lessons and sketch books have to be completed...You will need to hand this in at the start of your exam time (and can't come back to it). You will not work with this again.
  • 27th-30th April-cohort 1
  • 4th-7th May-Cohort 2
  • 11th-14th May-Cohort 2
*A few things you need to think about for mock and final set.*
You can take these at any time to ensure you have them ready as per the plan above.
You will need to take your set for your final, prior to your exam time.
During your 15 hour exam you will be editing on Photoshop and manually, this CAN NOT be done before hand and you would need to take your photographs in the studio before your exam time starts (even in cohort 2 or 3).
 So, you will have to organise yourself as much as possible in the next week in case college closes before the holiday. REMEMBER your final set is the same as your mock set but with any subtle changes/improvements. (This could be you use a black background in mock but white in final as it is clearer. Or, you tweak the subject matter slightly-different models/objects etc).
This DOESN'T have to be a completely new idea.
Image result for same photographs taken with different backgrounds

The work produced in your exam needs to represent 15 hours worth of work, so this will need to be quite sizeable and all work as a series using the same techniques throughout.
If, you're not sure what to do for your manuals, try looking for manual 3d or installation ideas.
If you wanted to add a mood board of ideas, this will only get you extra marks.

Here are some ideas for you,


Image result for installation photography                        Image result for installation photography

Image result for installation photographyImage result for installation photography

Image result for installation photographyImage result for installation photography
Image result for installation photographyImage result for installation photography

Image result for photography presented in boxes