Monday, 30 March 2020

End of term task A2.

If you have not done this yet, it is now vital that you do so, as your unit 2  grade will be influenced by this.

This is your last task to complete your coursework and should be sent to by Monday 6th April.
You would usually be doing this task in the run up to your exam to plan your timings and materials.
As you are not sitting your exam, this page is important to show your intentions.
You can do this on a computer of by hand (like the example below).
This can be either a single of double page and include-
  • An introduction to your theme and idea (I have written this in the paragraph) explaining your context/narrative....what will your photographs show the viewer?
  •  an idea and sketch of what you will do for both your Photoshop and manual pieces, with brief bullet points to explain what subject matter is and brief editing ideas.
  • Then, how you would divide up your exam time if you were to sit the exam, showing that you have accounted for the 15 hours. You would do 5 hours per day and you would have mounted and evaluated on day 4.
  •  If you need any help or support with this task, email me what you have and I can help guide and support you through it.
  • Hope you're all well and happy cat!

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