Friday, 27 March 2020

Important A2 Hand in reminder.

Hi A2’s,

I hope that you’re working your way around remote learning, I know it’s been a vast learning curve for us all.  It’s not easy but hope that you have found creative ways of doing things and thinking more outside the box.

See the source image

I know I for one, have used the time I’d normally spend travelling to work, having valuable discussions with my new teaching assistant.

Although I’m finding that she also likes to share my drinks and sit on my laptop whilst working, in fact she really isn’t very good at her job!

Just a quick update, I hope you’ve been checking the blog.

As art staff need to mark your coursework up until your mock, which should be finished by the end of today.

Please can you photograph your sketchbook over the weekend (you can do double page photos, I can zoom in to read annotation) and your visual diary folded out and either email the photographs if you don’t have computer access, this can be straight from your phone. If you do it through a website called WE Transfer (it can send large size files all in 1 email).


You can save the photographs to Onedrive and then send me the link to this (check your security/privacy settings are set to anyone you send link can access, otherwise it won’t let me view your work).

If there are any problems, please email me before Monday morning. I am not expecting everything printing and photo qualities, so you can send me electronic files for edits and evaluations or you could hand write evaluations. Do what ever you can to complete and anything you can’t (such as manuals) draw a sketch and annotate with what you WOULD have done, if you had the resources at home and I can give you marks for intentions.

REMEMBER, we want the best for you all and this work is important as it will go towards your final grade. Please submit work on time, as I need to mark this too and am doing so in my Easter holiday, so you have an extra weekend to complete work. Do what you can with what you have and that’s all I expect from you all.

Stay safe, work hard and then you will have 1 more task to complete for 24th April (I will post on the blog on Monday) and then you will have completed the course. See you all soon,


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