Thursday, 19 March 2020


Hi all,

Although we do not currently know exactly how the exam board will account for the lack of exam in unit 2, as this is a coursework based subject, it is vitally important that you complete both unit 1 and unit 2 to a high standard as this will potentially be where your grade comes from up until the point of the exam. Therefore, please check the blog for work each week and ensure that you attend your last lesson before the closure tomorrow, if you are able.
You are all well prepared. 
If you don't have the following to continue, I have put in other suggestions for how you might do these. You will need to think more creatively and try new things.

Camera-Use your phone to take photographs,
Photoshop-PIXLR or XGIMP are free photo editing could use phone for this too!
Computer-Email me from your phone and handwrite any sections of work.
Printer-You could see if a neighbour has one or do all your work electronically and hand them in electronically when you send these to be marked or hand in.
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I will update the blog with work and information, so please check this as you will need to complete all work until the point of the exam. If you need any materials please see Erin or Dan today or tomorrow. As it is now urgent to complete your unit 1's (old unit) before the end of Friday to improve your marks before I remark them, please get as much completed as possible.
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Don't forget if you need location photography....take it asap and make sure you have everything you need to work from home.

Be safe and work hard,


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