Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas inspired cakes for December.

A2 cake has finally come to the forefront, until now we've had no A2 entries into the cake contest.
 But Yasmin upped the game today with a special Christmas entry.
The chequer board middle was delicious and super festive.
Yasmin got a special prize for the only A2 entry so far, do we have any competition?
Well done Yasmin, great cake.

A1 photography

This week we have been continuing with the theme of architecture by creating our own Graham Holland style landscapes.
Some great work underway from Abby, Leoni and Olivia.

We've been creating natural and more abstract landscapes using a range of colours and styles!

Some fantastic edits have been produced all week and need to be added to sketchbooks before we move onto 3d photography next week.
Keep it up folkes!