Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Have a great Christmas.

Rest, eat mince pies and watch festive films but don't forget to get those sketch books completed for when you get back.
I hope you've been on the good list this year and have a great holiday.
See you when you get back on Thursday 5th January.
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Logo competition.

After our discussion about the logo competition please find the brief if you want to look at this again. I would go for more neutral and cool colours as their website is full of these especially blue/green.
Deadline to e-mail these to me is January 5th so I can collate and get these submitted by 6th January.
Don't forget the winner receives £200.
E-mail susanna.smith@asfc.ac.uk

Dear Students ,
Thank you for participating in this end of year challenge !  I have chosen you because I know ASFC, I know the staff in the art department and I know what a talented group of individuals you are.
I have just taken over as Director of Development of the IOA and have to have a UK entry for a new logo meeting we are holding in January. We are giving the organisation a face lift and making it more relevant. I have attached a brief outlining this with a makeshift logo I concocted with no artistic flair or proper thought so please ignore it !!  The current logo is at the top of this page and I hate it . It is very outdated and too fussy and quite frankly, uninspiring to anyone wanting to join the organisation.
The prize for winning  and being the UK entry is £200.
If your design is then chosen by the international panel we will go on and use it in our communications ( presentations, website, business cards etc ) . We will also feature you as the international winning logo creator in a piece for the online newsletter or website for the world to see. This will look great on any Uni or job applications !!
The closing date for entries is January 6th and I will let the lucky person know before the end of  January.  If there is only one of you who enters but I don’t think it is up to scratch to put before the panel then I reserve the right to not choose that one entry so please take your entry seriously,  look at all the key points mentioned in the briefing note , put down the mince pies and egg-nog and design something fantastic.
Many thanks for participating.
Happy Holidays !