Friday, 19 January 2018

A2 deadlines.

Some excellent final piece work is currently being produced for the mock exam. This week we are focusing on manual manipulation photography. We have year 13 students focusing on,

Stitching in photographs....
producing 3d sculptures using photographs.......
Drawing into photographs.....
Stenciling and paint.......
and producing 3d mixed media pieces, along with a whole array of other work.
Keep up the great work for final piece deadline at the end of the day, we will mount these up on 29/1/2018 with your Photo quality edits from last weeks mock exam time.

Don't forget your other deadlines,
-I still have some A4 technical sketch books missing, deadline was 10/1/18.
-Statement of Intent deadline was 12/1/18, these should now be stapled into the front of your sketchbooks
-Last and final deadline for A3 sketchbooks is 29/1/2018 (Those of you who have extra time in exams will have until 31/1/2018 to complete your final evaluations-if needed).

Well done, keep up the good are nearly there.